Ironman Austria 70.3 – the race of pro`s

Great weather and great atmosphere on the race weekend in St. Pölten this year. Our pro`s Marino, Thomas, Christian and Vinc were here to fight for the podium and were very motivated.

The swim leg was good for all of them except Vinc who had to fight with askewed googles and therefore lost a lot of time. Last years winner Andi Böcherer came first out of the water with Paul Reitmayr and Rudi Wild – this should be the the final result at the end of the race too.

On the bike Marino had a bad day – a flat tire kicked him out of the race. Thomas and Christian pushed hard to close the gap and came on 4th and 5th position to T2.
Vinc gained some ground on the bike course but it was not enough to come in front – even after a solid run he only took 22th.

On the run leg Thomas and Christian gave all they had but it changed nothing at the final result. In spite of it all it was a great race with great a performance and a great show from the beginning to the end!

Foto 22.05.16, 07 56 12

Foto 22.05.16, 10 20 09

Foto 22.05.16, 10 34 31

Foto 22.05.16, 09 50 10

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