Stefan Schmid on the podium at the Ironman France

” 3rd place at IRONMAN France.
This past week was a very difficult one for me.
After my DNF at Ironman Brazil I had massive self-doubt, even though there was no real reason for this.
My training results from the past weeks have been very good so I knew that my shape was right where it has to be for a big race.
What was also very tough mentally was that I had to go through race week 2 times in a row.
Race week for me is the toughest part of IRONMAN racing.
And not to forget the stress I had in terms of traveling. Brazil to Germany. Germany to Nice.
The good thing was that I got rid of all the self-doubt right before the start and had a very positive mind.
After a very good swim I was 11th onto the bike.
Right at the end of the 20k climb up Col de l`Ecre I caught the 2 top favorites James Cunnama from South Africa and the Hawaii-Champ from 2013, Frederik van Lierde.
At the beginning of the marathon I was in 4th position, but for the first 21k there have been a lot of changes on place 4, 5 and 6.
The last 15k it was a big battle against Frederik van Lierde for the podium!
I was very happy, satisfied and thankful to get to the finish line in 3rd position!
IRONMAN Hawaii, here I come!”

No more words needed…!