Ironman 70.3 European Championships Wiesbaden

Thomas Steger was competing the 70.3 European Championships in Wiesbaden and became 8th – here is his race report:

“The swim was very good – ITU feeling in the middel of a big group, only 33 sec behind the leader out of the water.
T1 was too slow, lost 50 seconds.

On the the bike was was headind towards a bigger group and after KM 15 i overtook them, the same after KM 25 with a second group. After KM 40 i was second after Andreas Dreitz who won the race. At KM 70 Boris Stein came from behind and we made some KM together. Then he attacked, i couldn`t follow him and lost about one minute to T2.

The run leg was not so good – because of my injury i could not train the last 3 weeks and so i lost the 3rd place after KM 6. Unfortunately i lost some more rankings and the sadest thing was that i lost two more on the last KM.

But i made it and overall i`m happy with the race and that i was able to Keep the pace with the best of the best!”


Thomas Steger-1001692