Michael van Cleven wins Portocolom

It was a great start into the season for the pewag racing team. At the season-opener in Protocolom/Mallorca three athletes toed the starting line, and all three were on the podium. Michael won for the thirnd time in a row the 111 distance in front of Timothy van Houtem and our second Athlete – Stefan Schmid. Thomas Steger is also preparing for the season on the island and won the shorter 55.5 distance.

Here is the statement of Michael for his win:

Happy to win for a third time in a row and on there 20 anniversary. The days before the race I was verry relaxed, despite I went to mallorca not knowing if I had it in me to win again.

Despite I trained well and good the weeks between Tenerife where I got second and now Portocolom I never had a good feeling during the trainings especially on the bike.

The race it started turbulently. The swim part was very cold (15-16°c) and in the T1 I struggeld a little bit with my cold hands to get in and close my shoes.
After 7k on the bike I was in the lead and tought ow well why not try it like the first year and try to ride away from every body. Altought I was thinking before the race I wanted to try to win the race on the run.

shame I lost my helmet visor on the bike, pictures would have been cooler
During the bike I had not the best feeling, just like I had the last few weeks. But seems like me legs where good enough to get with 5-6′ in front of the others in T2.
So I could control from there on the race during the run. Now i will get  back into training for the rest of the season and my main goals.
thanks for the great photos –  (c) Ingo Kutsche