Keszthely Triathlon – Thomas takes 2nd place!

Only good things are told about the triathlon in Hungary. So Thomas followed the invitation of the local promoter again and Babsi with Stefan, who just married, were on the scene too.

Registration, picking up a huge bag of things with a Hoodie, swim-, bike- and run clothes to choose were part of the triathlon festival at the lake Balaton. Unfortunately a storm destroyed the transition zone at night but the crew and a lot of helping hands made a start of over 900 athletes the next morning possible.

The swim was without Neopren and with barely 2,2km a littele bit longer – probably because the course was changed for reasons of safety. Thomas came second out of the water and stayed it until the end. A mistake of the leading vehicle prevented the win even though he ran the fastest 21,5k on the hard but stunning run course with the beautiful Castle Keszthely as an extra highlight of the event.

Babsi and Stefan had a great day: out of the water even at the same time, a hard one on the bike on the perfect roads of the freeway, back together in T2 after Babsi closed the gap on the last kilometers and giving their best at the 3rd discipline. Babsi made it at the end with 15sec in the lead, place 8th overall and 1st in her agegroup. What a performance!

Pictures: Copyright by Szanto Aron