pewag has long-standing experience in the manufacturing of chains and their components– what is meant here are not bike chains but chains which offer cars the necessary grip in wintery driving conditions, those which protect tires of big trucks and especially chains which are used for industrial applications like lifting heavy loads with cranes. Ägyd Pengg, CEO of pewag and triathlon enthusiast, can see a clear relationship between his products and the sport: “pewag with its highest requirements regarding performance, endurance and reliability is very similar to the requirements of the professional triathlon sport and thus the pewag racing team is the perfect ambassador for us regarding our mission statement!”

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is a brand for innovative bike parts. The range of products goes from bars, stems, seat posts, wheels and many more items for triathlon and road bikes as well as for mountain bikes.


Castelli stands for best Italian quality but also for innovation for cyclers and in the meantime also for triathletes. The product range starts at the classical bike outfit for the warm as well as for the cold season and ends at the customized triathlon race dress.


ERDINGER Alkoholfrei

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei (alcohol-free) is the sporty thirst quencher of the traditional brewery based in Erding in Bavaria, Germany. A cold ERDINGER Alkoholfrei does not only taste excellent but it is also healthy as it contains vitamins and  polyphenols.


Garmin is he acme for exact training control. With sophisticated GPS technology meters, heart rates and performance data is measured, documented and analysed – and that in all areas of the athletic life.



Storck is an innovative bike frame producer which creates high-tech carbon frames for triathletes, road bikers and mountain bikers. The attributes of the products are stiff, lightweight and great design!


Kinetic is a developer and manufacturer of indoor bike trainers. Rock&Roll, Road Machine and Cyclone are the representative names of the parts with which the athletes can defy wind and weather on their own bikes at home.


EKOI stands for bike helmets which not only attract attention but they are also functional and aerodynamic. The French brand is well known in the international triathlon sport.



Oakley is the synonym for cool sport and casual glasses.


sailfish stands for world class wetsuits which are known for high flexibility, balanced buoyancy as well as for excellent float qualities in the water.


The european leader in the matter of tires and bike equipment is confident that cycling is a natural way of moving and indispensable in our society.

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XeNTiS uses fibre reinforced composites to produce wheels, rims and components unlike any other. The Austrian company sets new standards in all sectors of wheel development and manufacturing.